Starkweather Umbrellas

The vision behind the Starkweather Umbrella is to give the user a sense of comfort. The hand is a naturally ergonomic shape, and the experience of holding a hand provides a sense of companionship. What would you rather hold on a dark and stormy night?

Starkweather Umbrellas™ launched with its first model, Bridget, named after the model whose hand was cast to create the line.

The handle is cast and sculpted into shape to form a comfortable fit. Each piece is sanded by hand to a satin finish. Assembly and finishing are also completed manually. This ensures that all mating surfaces are perfectly matched. The subtle differences that these manual processes create add to the individuality of each piece.

The umbrella body is imported from Italy. The fine woven canopy complements the solid handle and polished metal hardware.

Our umbrellas are designed and manufactured in our studio located in Brooklyn, NY.